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SmartCells Training and Therapy

SmartCells Training and Therapy is proud to be part of The Private Practice Section with our suite of Physical Therapy products.


SmartCells is a patented cushioning technology which provides a safe, stable surface for standing workers, skilled nursing facilities, physical therapy offices, and athletic training facilities. Under impact, the unique cell structure compresses to unload up to 80% of the impact forces and then immediately provides a dynamic response to return energy to the body.


New for 2018 is our SmartCells Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Mat. Designed with our friends at Pinnacle Physical Therapy in Maple Valley, Washington, the new SmartCells Therapy Mat combines functional movement assessment with the cushioning benefits of SmartCells.


This groundbreaking product will:


  • Allow you to track and record range of motion progress

  • Accurately measure functional movement

  • Protect your patient from fall injuries

  • Help your patient exceed their rehabilitation goals


The Physical Therapy Mat is our newest addition to our suite of solutions featuring SmartCells Cushioning Technology.


  • Full custom orthotic solutions

  • Mold and dispense in one visit at your location

  • Additional revenue source for the practice


  • Prefabricated insoles featuring SmartCells

  • Designed to reduce impact, prevent injuries, and improve performance

  • Lightweight, affordable, and comfortable

  • Oct 12 , 2018
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