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SmartCells Training & Therapy Solutions

SmartCells Training & Therapy provides practices with a suite of products designed for better patient outcomes, injury prevention and treatment, and increased revenue. The Patented cushioning in our mats and flooring provides a firm, stable surface that also cushions to reduce the impact on joints and soft tissue by up to 80%.

We also offer a unique custom orthotic solution that is unlike other time consuming, messy, or expensive processes. Our Fastech system molds blanks directly to the patient's foot and then allows you to get as involved with the orthotic creation as you are comfortable with. Simply choose your preference: a custom Mold-and-Go insole, or using our lab services for posting and accommodations, or the ability to produce a fully-functional, custom orthotic in less than 30 minutes by completing the posting on-site. All Fastech blanks can feature our Patented SmartCells Cushioning Technology for unprecedented impact reduction in an orthotic.

When custom orthotics are too expensive for someone, or you want a simple way to increase revenue while referring insoles, sell our line of Zelus Prefabricated Insoles right from the lobby. Zelus products all feature our SmartCells Cushioning and come in a variety of styles that will work for everyone.    


  • Oct 18 , 2019
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