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CareConnections: Outcomes Optimization Software for Data-Driven Practices
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To remain relevant in the coming era of value-based care, smart practices are using comprehensive outcomes management platforms to prove their value.

CareConnections is a web-based rehabilitation management suite that integrates easily into your workflow. Practitioners get immediate tools for working on patient expectations and shared decision making. Owners get data to improve your practice from multiple angles and assist with marketing to referral sources, payers and consumers.

  • Validated functional outcome measures collected electronically
  • Practitioners get risk-adjusted projections for functional change and number of visits
  • Owners get over 400 reports including practitioner performance, referral sources, and patient satisfaction all with comparisons to network and national data

Validated outcome measures available include: CareConnections Functional Index, Patient Specific Functional Scale, and Fear Avoidance and Beliefs Questionnaire. CareConnections is also partnered with the APTA Registry.

PPS Attendees can get a free trial for three months. Booth 707 or All customers get no cost consultations on how to read and use their outcomes reports their first two quarters.

Heather Chavin

  • Jul 18 , 2017
  • Outcomes

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CareConnections: Outcomes Optimization Software for Data-Driven Practices. Prepare for value-based care. Use data to improve functional outcomes, market to referral sources and consumers, and prove your value in payer negotiations. Get a three-month free trial. Visit Booth 707 or