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Econologics Financial Advisors

Econologics Financial Advisors, LLC works with Healthcare Practice Owners providing a financial planning process better utilizing the business to serve the financial needs of their household.


As a practice owner, balancing the effort it takes to build a business, create household wealth, and have time for family feels like a constant struggle. What is more important? How do you build a profitable business, pay off bad debt, save for retirement, protect your assets, save on taxes, and leave a legacy -- all at the same time? It may seem impossible…but it CAN be done! (And it doesn’t need to take a lifetime).


Healthcare professionals deserve a financial planning system designed especially for them and their needs as a practice owner and our team has guided 100s of practice owners to create success.


They are a full-service, Federally Registered Investment Advisor firm and insurance agency providing comprehensive financial planning services nationwide.

  • Nov 23 , 2021
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