Eliminating Front Desk Coverage Challenges

Physical therapy clinics are having an impossible time covering their front desks because of challenges with hiring, staff leaves, and demands for remote work. WelcomeWare enables PT clinics to scale their front desk teams across any location, at any time with an all-in-one hardware and software platform.

WelcomeWare is trusted by PT practices of all sizes - from single-location clinics to nationwide organizations

• Cover hard-to-staff and low-volume clinics
• Maintain full front desk coverage regardless of vacation or sick leaves
• Reduce costs by centralizing front desk staff
• Enhance your patient experience by connecting remote experts (eg: billing) to patients in need
• Improve retention by offering WFH days, or reinvesting cost savings into increased compensation
• Reduce the burden on your PTs by taking check-in responsibilities off their plate
• Collect currently unmeasurable KPIs to enhance the patient experience and improve staffing model

• Customized branding, routing, and forms
• Flexible hardware
• Compatible with any EMR
• Payment processing
• Text notifications upon patient arrival
• Document scanning
• Reporting dashboard
• HIPAA-compliant and privacy protocols

“It is exciting to see the success of the roll-out in our clinics and the significant value this technology has brought to our company. Remote reception not only ensures a superior patient experience, but it also makes it easier for us to retain and nurture administrative talent and gives our clinicians space to thrive.”
Steve, CEO, Professional PT

  • Dec 1 , 2021
  • Patient Engagement