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QuickEMR offers a totally unique system to fit the needs of any practice. Use QuickEMR out of the box or let us help you customize it so that you can finally have the system you need for your practice, all while saving money from paying bloated software companies and add-on fees.
We offer scheduling, documentation, billing, billing services/interfaces, patient portal, automated appointment reminders, benefits checking, faxing, email, built in chat, and many other features.
Documentation is quick and easy with the use of templates, individual pick lists, copy forward feature, customization and more.
QuickEMR only charges for each therapist and we pro-rate your monthly fee for part-time therapists. All non-therapist users are free. Unlimited support and training are included. All of our employees are right here in the US!
We listen to the needs and wishes of our partners and upgrade once a month with new feature requests and to meet new requirements 
Sign up for our complete billing services and get QuickEMR for free while we offer you complete access to our billing software for full transparency.
Schedule a demonstration and see how we can save you time and money every month.

  • Dec 3 , 2021
  • Practice Management Software/EMR

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