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DIH (Hocoma, Motek, SafeGait brands)

DIH is a global solution provider of robotic rehabilitation devices for physical and occupational therapy. We blend innovative robotic & VR technologies with clinical integration and insights. The DIH brands, which include Hocoma, Motek, and SafeGait®, are applied successfully in renowned clinics and research institutes worldwide.

Our therapy solutions support the treatment of patients across the continuum of care, and include those with movement disorders caused by stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy or other neurological diseases and injuries. DIH is committed to bringing the world’s most advanced rehabilitation technology, solutions and innovations to those who need them most, changing the lives of millions of people in the process.

Product Portfolio:

Erigo®  -  Lokomat®  -  Andago®  -  G-EO  -  SafeGait® Solutions  -  RYSEN™  -  C-Mill®  -  HERO Solution  -  Armeo®  -  GRAIL  -  CAREN  -  M-Gait

  • Dec 3 , 2021
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