GaitBetter provides patient-specific motor-cognitive therapy by adding semi-immersive virtual reality (VR) to existing treadmills. Using principles of neuroplasticity, biofeedback and dual task training, GaitBetter enables patients to “rewire their brains" to improve gait function and balance, accelerate motor and cognitive recovery, and provide improved clinical outcomes. Our proprietary AI-based tracking analyzes feet movement in real-time and projects those movements onto a TV screen. Trainees walking on a treadmill then see their own two feet in the simulation. Patients then work on obstacle negotiation, decision making, and attention in an environment very similar to the real world. Backed by 8 clinical trials over the past 15 years and over 5000 therapy patients, the GaitBetter intervention has become the gold-standard for gait rehabilitation and fall prevention. The only technology covered by the soon-to-be released semi-immersive VR add-on code for gait training, this affordable solution is a win-win-win for clinics, clinicians, and patients. 

  • Dec 14 , 2022
  • Rehab Therapy Products and Tools