Everything you need to build the running specialty practice of your dreams. RunDNA has unlocked the formula to faster and healthier running through our Helix 3D portable motion analysis, Certified Running Gait Analyst Courses, and RunDNA App. Start by learning the RunDNA Systematic Approach to simplifying the complexities of running through our Certified Running Gait Analysis Courses. Level up your practice with the Helix 3D to get the data you need.  Helix 3D uses advanced algorithms to identify changes and asymmetry of biomechanical patterns to generate plans specific to each runner and delivers them effortlessly through the RunDNA app. Use the RunDNA app to deliver rehab and training plans, instructional videos, and patient-education straight to your clients' phone to keep them engaged. Using the RunDNA Systematic Approach to working with runners, you can build strong revenue streams and a running community that views you as the go-to running specialist. Become a running expert with RunDNA.

  • Dec 15 , 2022
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