NuNee by K-Neesio LLC

The NuNee patellar bracing system is clinically proven to relieve pain and improve function for even the most challenging cases of anterior knee pain. NuNee allows therapists to focus on the progression of their exercise rehab plan, while improving patient compliance and outcomes.

Clinical studies have shown that 89% of patients experience immediate relief from anterior knee pain with NuNee. This allows therapists to progress patients through their rehab plan without the limits of pain. Studies also found that 100% of those patients were PAIN FREE in 6 weeks. 

NuNee is not your ordinary compression brace or sleeve. On the contrary, NuNee doesn't add patella pressure, it relieves patella pressure by applying anterior joint distraction to the patella. When you relieve the pressure, you relieve the pain.

NuNee is easily applied at the clinic or at home. It's also a low cost, drug free, non-invasive way to augment your exercie therapy plan.

So give NuNee a try! Your patients will love you when their knee pain is gone and their knee function is restored!

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  • Feb 2 , 2023
  • Orthotic - Patella Support for Anterior Knee Pain

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