SaRA Health - RTM Made Simple

SaRA makes RTM Simple for you, your clinicians and your patients.

Your patients - Only need to be able to text. No app download. No website to visit. Just the ability to text and answer a question each day. And they'll get better outcomes based on our outcomes study with one of our practices using FOTO scores.

Your clinicians - Access the SaRA platform through SaRA Connect that is integrated with Net Health, Prompt, WebPT, Clinicient, Raintree, Athena, eCW, and many more! Adding a patient takes <20 seconds and all the billing tracking in documentation is done by SaRA. 

You - Reimbursement continues to go down while your staff's compensation expectations go up. You keep 65%-75% of the RTM revenue with our success-based model so you can run a more profitable business.

  • Dec 14 , 2023
  • Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)

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