Sanctband USA


Sanctband effortlessly enhances your journey across Physiotherapy, Fitness, and Sports Enhancement. Since 2008, Sanctband places a strong emphasis on the quality and optimization of users' performance. Our products are crafted with excellence in Malaysia and are distributed globally through trusted distributors. We are recognized for being Powder Free and featuring Reduced Protein, ensures a superior user experience and comfort. In additon, we embrace eco-friendliness as we implement an in-house Green Initiative Programme, strategically sourcing key raw materials near our production facility using clean energy. Moreover, we believe in customer-centric approach as our products are designed with you in mind, featuring progressive linear resistance. The distinctive Sanctband signature colors—Peach, Orange, Lime Green, Blueberry, Plum, and Gray. Learn more at

  • Dec 14 , 2023
  • Rehab Therapy Products to Rehab Therapy Products (incl. orthopedics, orthotics, water)