Reducing the Time Spent on Documentation


Like most healthcare providers, physical therapists spend a significant amount of time on documentation, preventing them from focusing more on their patients. ScribePT helps PTs cut back on the time they spend documenting every patient session, with every service working perfectly with every EMR software.



  • Hands free dictation software for faster note-taking
  • Next-generation AI
  • Compatible with any EMR
  • One click EMR transfer
  • Pre-note templates
  • Fast and accurate transcripts
  • Personalized draft notes
  • Automated quality checks
  • Organizational control
  • Full-time support from dedicated scribes
  • HIPAA-compliant



  • Reduces time spent on medical documentation
  • Helps PTs save up to 20+ hours on administrative tasks every month
  • Alleviates the burden of note-taking on your PTs
  • Allows PTs to focus more on their patients
  • Jan 22 , 2024
  • Documentation/Scheduling/EMR