ErgoScience, Inc

Revenue growth. If you're like most clinic owners, it's your biggest business challenge. With reimbursements down and competition up, what's your plan for growing your practice? 

For the more than 1,500 clinics in the ErgoScience Referral Network, Workers' Compensation is a large part of the answer.  Increasing your focus on work-related services – and the employers who fund it –means cash-based revenue for your practice today.  Looking for a partner to make your vision a reality?

ErgoScience is ready.

  • Develop service offerings that meet the needs of local markets.
  • Our assessment protocols were developed and validated through published university-based research.  Your work will be legally defensible.  
  • Our testing utilizes objective measures and scoring algorithms, minimizing the subjectivity that plagues other testing systems.  Your work will be accurate and repeatable.   
  • Our report-writing process is simple and efficient.  You won’t spend hours laboring over reports.
  • Our new pre-hire online software, WebPAT, offers the latest technology for streamlined testing.  Employers will choose you over others.
  • As part of our international network of clinics, we send you referrals – for FCEs and pre-hire tests. 

Our comprehensive line of assessments and training follow the employee from pre-hire to retire:  Pre-Hire Physical Abilities Tests, Job Analysis, Ergonomic Assessments, Return-to-Work Screens, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Impairment Ratings.  Let us know how we can help!

  • Jul 27 , 2017
  • Occupational Health/Functional Capacity Testing