Based on the experience of physical therapists who have adopted our diagnostics, reimbursements from insurance companies routinely increase by as much as 75% with our program.

And per-patient billings routinely double. That’s right, they double—a 100% increase. We help you fully implement successfully EMG Nerve conduction studies, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound and more. 

In the words of one Hands-on Diagnostics client, “I got involved with HODS because we were looking for a solution to the problem with reimbursements. With HODS, we could improve patient outcomes and help our staff make more money while increasing our income.”

Want to make more money as a physical therapist while giving the quality of your therapy a boost? Our diagnostic testing technologies improve patient results. At the same time, the associated diagnostic billing codes increase your payments from insurance companies.

Both you and your patients benefit.

HODS is now in 21 States and over 130 facilities!

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Dimitrios Kostopoulos, DPT, MD, PhD, DSc, ECS
ABPTS Board Certified in EMG/NCS Testing
Clinical Affiliate Assistant Professor FAU 
College of Medicine
President Hands-On Companies
  • Mar 8 , 2018
  • Diagnostic Testing Development & Expansion

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